Last summer I did a 103 days of Summer project, documenting each day of my summer on flickr. To this day I love looking back on that collection, remembering all of the wonderful people I met and places that I went. While I love taking quality photos on my camera, I just don't think I'll have time to do so this summer but I still wanted to find a quicker, convenient way to keep track of these memories. So for the next 114 days I will update this tumblr with a photo (or two or three) a day taken on my iphone of what I've done today.


Day 12: Decided I want to do a lot of hiking this summer. I want to find at least two new places a day. This is at the Hardscrabble Wilderness Area in Northern Westchester. To my surprise, this little 2 mile hike leads right into a field below powerlines in the middle of the hike. Pretty cool.

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