Last summer I did a 103 days of Summer project, documenting each day of my summer on flickr. To this day I love looking back on that collection, remembering all of the wonderful people I met and places that I went. While I love taking quality photos on my camera, I just don't think I'll have time to do so this summer but I still wanted to find a quicker, convenient way to keep track of these memories. So for the next 114 days I will update this tumblr with a photo (or two or three) a day taken on my iphone of what I've done today.


Day 36: After the Jukebox show in Portland I drove to Calie’s house in New Hampshire. She has really adorable kittens. On the way home I stopped at the Boulevard Diner in Worcester, Mass. If you want a real authentic diner with great food and are ever passing through, I highly recommend the Boulevard. Most delicious chicken salad ever! When I got home I took my mom out for diner in Cold Spring to a restaurant right next to the metro north tracks. Afterwards we walked around by the water. Cold Spring is quite a beautiful little town.

Day 35: A week or so ago I decided that since I’m skipping out on the JtG Bowery show to see The Rocket Summer instead, that I’d have to make it to a second Jukebox show. Closest one? Portland, Maine. A city that I have been going to each summer since I was 11 and absolutely adore, but haven’t been in four years. What better reason to go back to a city that I love other than one of my favorite bands? It was an absolutely wonderful night, once again thanks to the city of Portland and Jukebox the Ghost. Every penny spent on my favorite bands are ALWAYS worth it.

Day 34: Once again, the beginning of this day wasn’t too great. I was kind of fed up with sitting in a car for an hour with people talking about something I can’t relate to and then have to be around a couple being nauseating in public. Buuut when I was inside Heirloom Theater in Danbury and Jukebox the Ghost took the stage EVERYTHING changed. I had seen this band once before, but it was a record release show in a very, very small venue before anybody knew the words. For an hour and a half, 300 people were screaming all lyrics of both old and new songs by this fantastic band. It must have been at least 90 degrees in there, but the energy of both the crowd and band was insane. There’s nothing that makes me feel the way that live music does. After the show I ended up talking to the owners of the venue for a bit until nobody was left in the band but the guys in the band breaking down their set and I talked to them for a bit before I left. 

Day 33: Wasn’t too happy about something that happened earlier in the day so I went up to Brewster to hang out with Melissa. We ended up walking for about an hour on a section of the Appalacian trail. It was really odd because that section begins in a field and cuts through a farm where Melissa almost rode cows, and then goes into the woods. Never the less, it was a fun (yet tiring) adventure. After we went to Rosemary’s Texas Tacos, an insane little taco restaurant on Route 22 that I used to go to when I was younger. No pictures are allowed technically so shhhh!

Day 32: Originally planned on going to Cranberry Lake Preserve for a hike, but only ended up going for about 15 minutes. I then ended up driving over to the Kensico Dam. I stayed there for about an hour and a half walking around. It’s 173 steps up to the top of the dam and it’s a lot more tiring than it looks, but totally worth the view at the end! I seriously love my county.

Day 31: Today Jukebox the Ghost released their third album, Safe Travels! Richard and I went to Brooklyn for a listening party there. It was kind of silly but we stuck around for about and hour and then went to Long Island to Dennys. We also went to a bar with free skeeball! And saw some strange drawings and places.

Day 30: I love discovering and rediscovering beautiful spots in my own area. Today I went to the Greenwich Audubon Santuary, about 15 minutes from my house. It begins with cleared “paths” through fields, goes past private residences, through a small apple orchard and into the woods. There is a manmade boardwalk going through a swampy area, benches conviently placed once in a while on the trail, and although it’s not the most intense hike, you’d never know this was part of a “Nature conservatory” with the exception of the occasional sign. Absolutely beautiful and pure solitude. The photo on the left is the “center” and nature gift shop. I love where I live. Oh yeah, and I got my copy of Safe Travels by Jukebox the Ghost as well as their last album, Everything Under the Sun today! 

Day 29: Today I went to Orange County again to pick up my license which I left with Amanda last week by accident. On the way there I drove through a sun shower. On the way back I stopped at a scenic overlook right around sunset. I hopped the rock wall and hiked down the rocks a bit. Amazing view of the river and bridge. Excuse the horrible panorama done on an iphone app.

Day 28: Today my friend Nicky had her graduation party. It was lovely- first with her family there for a few hours, delicious food and then just friends hanging out, playing slow games of pong, and of course I had to take a dip in her hot tub. It’s times like these when I wish I had a deck and house of my own to have little parties like these.

Day 27: This week Bryce is doing a contest where fans can submit photos of themselves with the new album. From Tuesday through Saturday he picks a winner to receive an “exclusive prize”. I posted a photo of both myself and my hamster with the album. Somehow we won! Funniest thing ever. My prize ships out next week! But the real prize is really this tweet.

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